All aspects of family law—from adoption through divorce, child support, and custody—are difficult enough on an emotional level without the added burden of uncertainties and difficulties with the legal aspects. We make it our job to:

  • Hear out your concerns and particular needs
  • Advise you as what legal benefits are available to you and what stumbling blocks must be overcome
  • Create a legal plan of action that meets your concerns and needs
  • Execute the approved plan of action

There has been no area of law that has been changed as has divorce law in Illinois. The Law Offices of June, Prodehl, Renzi & Lynch, LLC are well versed in these matters. We can use our expertise for you! At the initial consultation we will provide you with an overview as to how these various changes may impact your situation. For example, there is no longer a need for grounds to end a marriage. Parenting is no longer simply a paragraph or two in a Divorce Decree. A separate parenting order is required.

Rather than attempting to list various FAQs for your review, we feel your best option is a consultation. No two cases are truly alike; and an in-person consultation is best. We will discuss how these changes impact your situation and the strategy used by June, Prodehl, Renzi & Lynch, LLC to protect your interests.

The days of custody finding, percentage child support orders, and unguided maintenance awards are gone. Due to changes in the law, there is no more an “award of care, custody, and control” of any minor child. That has been replaced by an award of shared time with decision making clearly spelled out. Hence, there is now a need for a separate order that lists and defines the parties’ obligations, rights, and responsibilities to each other, their child(ren), and others. Since there is also a recognition in the setting of support that both parties will incur certain child rearing costs, both parties’ costs and income are now considered in any calculation. Similarly, judicial discretion is limited in awarding maintenance based on statutory computations.

We can “walk you through” such computations and explain both potential judicial responses and the implications of those computations. Whether at the consultation or throughout the representation, the attorneys at June, Prodehl, Renzi & Lynch, LLC will insure you are actively involved in the input of this data and/or the resultant strategy for the presentation of the case. This is also why the completion of our questionnaire is needed; the more thorough the preparation, the better and more accurate the projection would be.

The bottom line: If you are thinking about obtaining a divorce or legal separation, an appointment discussing your legal rights and obligations is needed.

Divorce Information Sheet